For many years, Patanjali has been turning the traditional approach to Ayurvedic treatment head over heels. The company has been aping the business model of Allopathy based pharmaceuticals, by launching Ayurvedic products for common diseases. And, the launch of Coronil was an expected addition to Patanjali’s diverse portfolio, based on the company’s tendency to churn-out Ayurvedic treatment that caters to a large segment of the market.

So, is Coronil really effective in curing Covid-19, or is Patanjali trying to capitalize on the pandemic situation? Let’s find out!

There is no standard treatment for an ailment in Ayurveda

In allopathy, most diseases are viewed as an attack by an external agent (bacteria / virus), and patients are treated with medicine that helps in destroying the invading microbes.  However, Ayurveda recognizes an ailment as a disorder, so the goal is to rectify the imbalance in the body, as imbalance is the cause of a disorder.

Typically, Ayurveda practitioners diagnose an ailment by understanding the nature of imbalance that is causing the manifestation of symptoms. And, certain medicines and life style practices are recommended which helps in restoring the balance of the body overtime. So, you can have two individuals with similar symptoms, but the nature of imbalance in both cases may differ, and hence each patient will require a different treatment.

The bottom line is that in Ayurveda we can’t have a “one size fits all” solution. The unique approach of identifying the specific nature of imbalance in the patient is what makes Ayurveda different from Allopathy.

Coronil is not a treatment for Covid-19

Patanjali’s cure for Covid-19 comprises of Coronil tablets and Swasari tonic. According to a news report, Swami Ramdev (the public face of Patanjali) claimed that Coronil contains Ashwagandha, Giloi, Tulsi and 100 other Ayurvedic ingredients. Ramdev also claimed that Coronil restricts the replication of Corona virus in the lungs. Developed by Patanjali Ayurvedic Institute and National Institute of Medical Science, Coronil is backed by a clinical study which claims that it can cure Covid-19 positive people in 3 – 7 days.

Ramdev’s vague description of Coronil’s working mechanism is ideologically akin to Allopathy and not Ayurveda. As mentioned above, Ayurveda works by identifying / rectifying the underlying systemic imbalance in a patient’s body, so calling a blend of medicine a valid treatment for a specific disease is contradictory to the approach of Ayurveda. In fact, the known ingredients of Coronil such as Ashwagandha are said to have a positive impact on general well being, but there is no evidence that it can prevent rapid multiplication of the Corona virus. And, the clinical trials of  Coronil conducted by Patanjali Research Institute have already been found to be dubious through investigations conducted by News Laundry.

Coronil is currently being marketed as a Covid management medicine, however it is essentially only a blend of Ayurvedic medicines that boost the general well being of a person. In Ayurveda you just can’t have an off the shelf product for a particular diseases.

From an Ayurveda practitioner’s point of view Coronil is just one of the many medicines available in the market for general well being. In the current pandemic situation, you may want to take the recommended dose of Coronil to boost your immunity, however similar products from other Ayurveda companies are equally good.

To sum it up, Coronil is one of the many Ayurveda based general well being medication available in the market. So, don’t fall for the name “Coronil”, it is just a brilliant marketing strategy.

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