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Mya Care is a global end-to-end solution for your health and wellness needs. Our online portal connects users with healthcare professionals, healthcare providers and other service providers around the globe. Users have access to solutions including doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine, wellness spas, health insurance, telehealth, pharmacies and other related services.  

We developed this portal based on our own experiences of searching for healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and other related services either locally or when we needed to travel. We  are dedicated to supporting people who seek medical treatment at home and abroad with easy access to healthcare information and options.

We know from our own experiences, that sometimes what a person needs to achieve optimal health, it may be tricky, and sometimes you may want to explore treatments options from doctors or healthcare providers  from multiple different countries. Mya Care makes it easy by allowing you to create an account, and search and connect to multiple healthcare services and get the best available wellness treatments and know-how. All your inquiries are kept in one place on your user dashboard. 

For healthcare providers and physicians, Mya Care offers a platform for reaching out to a global market. This allows for the most cutting-edge treatments and health practises to reach all those who truly need it.

We will go the extra mile and extend our support to the patient at every step of the way, even during their visit! The site offers a lot of useful information that makes planning almost unnecessary; such as getting the best accommodation deals, pin-pointing the nearest pharmacies, where to order food that caters to a strict diet and more.



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