About Us

About Us

Mya is a global end-to-end solution for your health and wellness needs. Our online portal connects users with healthcare professionals, healthcare providers and other service providers around the globe. Users have access to solutions including doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine, wellness spas, health insurance, telehealth, pharmacies and other related services.  

Occasionally local hospitals do not have the expertise to deal with certain diseases or disorders,  and even when they do, the prices charged for treatment are out of the question. It's at times like these that you may have to consider traveling abroad to get the care you need in order to claim your health back.

However, entering a foreign country and simply reversing your condition is not as easy as snapping your fingers! Traveling requires a daunting amount of preparation, time and energy, particularly when faced with other languages, cultures and systems of medicine.

We at Mya Care understand all of this.

For these reasons and more, Mya Care is your one-stop website for getting all the help you need in planning your journey towards health. Everything from finding an expert in the field, appointments, advice, healing strategies, insurance and even post-op care is dealt with at Mya Care alone.

For healthcare providers and physicians, Mya Care offers a platform for reaching out to a global market. This allows for the most cutting-edge treatments and health practises to reach all those who truly need it.

Sometimes what a person needs to achieve optimal health can be tricky to coordinate and requires an array of treatments, doctors or medicines from multiple different countries. Mya Care makes it easy by allowing you to keep everything in one place, on your Mya Care profile. Use your account to search through multiple healthcare services and get the best available wellness treatments and know-how.

Mya Care understands that leaving your home country in the hopes that you can cure yourself, or a loved one, is an intimidating idea. This is why the platform encourages practitioners and health experts to communicate with patients and their families, making sure that everything is on track before acting on a final strategy.

There is no need to limit yourself to one doctor, facility or healthcare provider. The platform allows for you to easily compound a treatment plan with the help of as many experts as you need from all over the world. It offers patients with an exciting chance to take control of their own health and well-being while simultaneously minimizing the stress of being able to do so. This benefits doctors too, offering a wide range of exposure and more experience in their field of expertise.

We will go the extra mile and extend our support to the patient at every step of the way, even during their visit! The site offers a lot of useful information that makes planning almost unnecessary; such as getting the best accommodation deals, pin-pointing the nearest pharmacies, where to order food that caters to a strict diet and more.

Mya Care makes every voyage into health that much easier to pursue.

By eliminating unknown factors, providing clear information, sourcing the best deals and getting you in touch with a global community of the best physicians and healthcare providers, you can rest assured knowing you are in the safest hands.

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