Dr. Thomas Walton - Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas Walton - Chiropractic

  • 34 Years of experience
  • Registration No: Thanyapura 3
  • Gender: Male
  • Associated With: Thanyapura Integrative Health & Wellness Centre

About the Doctor

Dr. Thomas Walton is a Licensed Chiropractic Doctor and certified Chiropractic sports physician (USA), licensed massage therapist, personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), injury prevention trainer and healing touch energy practitioner, with over 25 years of clinical experience. He is actively licensed in the U.S. and Thailand and specializes in fine tuning the body for optimal performance.


  • Degree and residency
  • Professional Experience
Degree and residency
Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic – West. (USA), 1986
Residency: Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, ACBSP( USA), 1992
Professional Experience

  • Over 30 Years of Clinical Experience in United States and Thailand
  • Past Event Doctor at: Kona Ironman, ITU Big Island Triathalon World
  • Cup,Hawaii State Womans Gynastic Championship, ATP Oahu Open Tennis Tournament
  • Injury Prevention Trainer for Industry
  • Healing Touch Energy Practitioner

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  • Healthcare provider
Specialities & Procedures

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  • Chiropractic Consultation and Treatment
  • Sports Injuries Treatment
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