In recent times, the widespread of several types of cancer has been noticed. A tumor is basically the overgrowth of cancerous cells in a region of your body. It is like a lump that is growing somewhere inside of you. Although there is no solid cure for cancer, tumors can be removed surgically or even treated with chemotherapy and radiation.

There is a field in medicine solely dedicated to the study of cancer and it is called oncology. The practitioners of this field are called oncologists. Oncology deals with the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. As we all know that cancer is a life-claiming disease and some types of cancers can be passed down genetically, there are ways to prevent it or even cure it.

  • Lifestyle choices and habits matter. Smoking and inadequate consumption of alcohol can cause cancer.
  • If cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, then chances of beating it are good.
  • You can talk to an oncologist what the best approach to deal with your tumor is. You can choose to go under the knife or treat it with medicines, strict anti-cancer all-natural diet or chemo and radiation.

Oncology is a field that is constantly under research. New cancer studies are being conducted all the time and we can only hope for a medical miracle when they will find a cure for cancer. But in this day, there are ground breaking surgeries being performed and clinical trials being conducted that have resulted in improving the quality of life in many cancer patients.

The one thing a cancer patient needs is time to accept it and a doctor who can explain to them their best chances. If you need any help or need to consult an oncologist, then you can post your questions on Mya Care.