Regenerative Medicine/ Stem Cell Therapy

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With the discovery of the field of regenerative medicine, we stepped into the new era. We stopped simply curing diseases and started to replicate the process of growing tissues and organs, much like it is done in the womb. Regenerative medicine specializes in tissue engineering and molecular biology. Using this science, engineers can replace or regenerate human cells, tissues or even organs.

Not only can they restore full function but in case of irreparable damage, engineers can grow tissues and entire organs in controlled environments and replace them entirely via implantation surgery. These organs will be grown from the patient’s cells, the problem of transplant rejection will be eliminated entirely. Also, a patient will no longer have to wait for a donor match to come up when he can have custom made organs in a lab.

Researchers use stem cells from the umbilical cord for regeneration. This has been known to cure a number of diseases. Some of them include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Neurological deficits
  • Immune system diseases
  • Liver problems
  • Lung injury
  • Kidney injury
  • Diabetes
  • Leukemia

Regenerative medicine has potential to cure diseases for which there are no cures available and potential to solve the problem of organs donation shortages. It also minimizes the risk and wastage from organ transplant surgeries.

This field is new, and the term first came into being in 1992. In the future, we will see ground-breaking procedures being performed solely based on regenerative medicine.