Dr. Gaurav  Kumar

Dr. Gaurav Kumar

Address: Bedlington Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE22 7FD, United Kingdom

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Oncologist

Associated Healthcare Provider: The Rutherford Cancer Centre North East

Languages Spoken: English

More than 17 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Gaurav Kumar received primary medical education and core oncology training from India. After working as a consultant in oncology in India for many years he attained the Certificate of Equivalence for Specialist Registration (CESR) from the General Medical Council (GMC) in 2015. Since then he has been working as a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. Dr. Kumar also has peripheral clinics at North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

With a special interest in lung and urological cancers including prostate and bladder cancer, he has vast experience in treating these conditions with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Besides this he has interests in targeted therapies like Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR/SBRT). With a key interest in clinical trials he has been a part of many national and international trials in both thoracic and urological malignancies. He has been involved in many national and international peer reviewed research article publications from time to time.

More Information

Dr. Gaurav Kumar and other Oncologists at Rutherford Cancer Centres are available for virtual consultations.

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