About Us

Welcome to Mya Care

Mya Care is a global healthcare platform that aims to simplify health and wellness for all. Our online portal enables users worldwide to find ideal solutions for their health concerns. A single search allows you to quickly connect with a global network of doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine advocates, wellness spas, pharmacies, and so much more.

Our team is dedicated to supporting those seeking medical treatment by providing easy access to healthcare information that allows you to assess, compare, and explore available treatment options. We aim to expand your healthcare horizons through the power of simplicity, equipping you with all you need in your journey towards optimal health and well-being.


Mya Care began as a one-stop healthcare resource, enabling individuals to plan medical trips abroad easily. The founders developed the portal through the eyes of the user, drawing off tried-and-trusted personal experience. Initially, we wanted to address the challenges faced when traveling abroad in search of credible healthcare providers, professionals, and other related services. We envisioned a healthcare system that does away with these obstacles, making unnecessary time, effort, and uncertainty a thing of the past.

Later, the founders realized that the portal’s potential extends beyond just healthcare travel. Today, with over 1 million new organic visitors each year, Mya Care has become a leading online healthcare authority that aims to help and inspire users to take charge of their well-being. Insights from our experts have been featured in prominent global publications, academic research papers, niche websites, and more. Our dynamic approach aligns with the future of global healthcare, which is currently transitioning toward an era of digitization, personalization, and precision medicine.

The Challenges

We know from experience that everyone’s healthcare needs are unique and that the path toward optimal health and well-being may not always be clear. When searching for healthcare solutions, people often encounter two main hurdles: understanding their needs and knowing what treatment options are available to them.

Finding credible information and top medical expertise is made all the more challenging by local limitations and the large volume of often irrelevant content found online. Staying informed and exploring treatment options with doctors and healthcare providers from multiple locations is often required to realize the best solution. The Mya Care platform was built to tackle these problems.

The Solution

Mya Care simplifies matters by offering a digital space where users can connect with multiple healthcare services, easily educate themselves on treatment options, and access the best available wellness treatments and know-how. You can take the stress out of planning by searching our extensive database for providers, health packages, lab and other healthcare services near you, and more.

The portal allows users to reach out to medical institutions and professionals worldwide who have been verified by the Mya Care team. Each listing on the site is neatly mapped out, conveniently providing you with all the information you need in one place. Compare facility profiles, expertise, diagnostic tools, and treatment options to find a precise match for your personal requirements. Click here to create a user account.

If you are unsure of the way forward, the Mya Care blog can help you explore treatment options. Our content is a cut above due to the diversity of expertise amongst our contributors. Our writers from around the world have backgrounds in healthcare, enabling the platform to inform and connect with a global audience. All content is regularly updated to keep our readers in the know and at the forefront of global healthcare trends and expert perspectives.

For healthcare providers and doctors, Mya Care offers a platform for reaching out to a global audience. Through enhanced connectivity, participation, and patient education, the site allows you to position your expertise and effectively reach those who stand to benefit from your services. Follow these links to register as a doctor or healthcare provider.

If you are looking to create quality content or collaborate, contact us to learn how we could assist your team with blogs, infographics, and short videos. Our expertise in producing authoritative and impactful health content is exemplified by our coverage in prominent global publications.