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Welcome to Mya Care

Mya Care is a global healthcare platform that aims to simplify health and wellness. Our online portal empowers users worldwide with everything they need in order to establish ideal healthcare solutions. The easy-to-use interface allows for seamless integration of relevant health information, world-class professionals and healthcare providers. A single search can connect you with doctors, hospitals, alternative medicine advocates, wellness spas, telehealth providers, pharmacies and so much more.

Initially, Mya Care began as a one-stop healthcare resource that easily enabled individuals to plan medical trips abroad without any hassle. The founders developed the portal through the eyes of the user, drawing off tried and trusted personal experience when travelling abroad and searching for credible healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and other related services. 

However, we realized that the portal went beyond just healthcare travel. Mya Care’s online platform serves to empower its users by offering all the relevant information in one place. Our aim is to expand your healthcare horizons through the power of simplicity, supplying you with all you need to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Through making use of our extensive database of medical treatments, healthcare services and world-class professionals, many unnecessary hurdles to healthcare can be eliminated.

The Mya Care Team is dedicated to supporting those who seek medical treatment through providing easy access to healthcare information and treatment options.

We know from our own experience that everyone’s healthcare needs are unique to them and that it’s not always clear which path will bring one toward optimal health and well-being. Remaining informed and exploring treatment options with doctors or healthcare providers from multiple different localities are often required for rendering the best solutions. Mya Care simplifies the process for you by offering a digital space in which users can connect with multiple healthcare services, easily educate themselves of treatment options and get access to the best available wellness treatments and know-how.

For healthcare providers and physicians, Mya Care offers a platform for reaching out to a global market.

Through enhanced worldwide connectivity, participation and patient education, the site allows for cutting-edge treatment and healthcare expertise to reach more of those across the globe who are truly in need of your services.

Mya Care goes the extra mile with regard to user support, ensuring that simplicity is emphasized at every step of the way! The portal provides a lot of useful information that takes the stress out of planning; such as listing medical specialists that are offering telehealth services worldwide, healthcare services near you, where you can safely order prescriptions and more.




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