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Welcome to Mya Care

Mya Care is a free online portal providing international solutions for all your health and wellness needs. We take the stress out of searching for the right healthcare professionals, hospitals, and treatment centers globally with our easy-to-use search engine. Enter your criteria, and we will help you find a comprehensive range of healthcare providers from around the globe, including:

  • Doctors
  • Specialists
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Alternative medicine
  • Wellness spas
  • Health and wellness centers

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Health and Wellness Simplified

Mya Care’s online platform serves to empower its users by offering all the relevant information in one place. Our aim is to expand your healthcare horizons through the power of simplicity, supplying you with all you need to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Through making use of our extensive database of medical treatments, healthcare services and world-class professionals, many unnecessary hurdles to healthcare can be eliminated.

Connecting people with professionals

It would be a rare coincidence to find the perfect healthcare solution through reading health blogs alone. Creating an ideal treatment plan calls for the integration of health information through the lens of an expert – someone who is able to assist you in making wellness your day-to-day reality.

This is precisely why Mya Care puts users directly in contact with doctors and healthcare providers, enabling patients to investigate their options on a more personal level. Ask your questions and determine whether the location, facility and the specialists available suit your needs. You can also access facility images, blogs, videos, physician profiles and detailed information on procedures, all of which can be found in each provider’s clinical profile.

For Patients

Mya Care’s mission is to facilitate and empower individuals who are seeking ideal healthcare solutions. Having the right details at the right time can make all the difference, especially when the stakes are high. Users have free unlimited access to a comprehensive health resource as well as a global network of expert healthcare professionals and providers, making it simpler now than ever before to coordinate the perfect treatment plan.

For Healthcare Providers and Doctors

Join a global community of healthcare professionals today and expand your reach to more individuals requiring your expertise.

We believe that better informed patients meet with better chances for successful treatment outcomes. Through supplying users with all the relevant details, Mya Care saves time for physicians and healthcare providers, while promoting their facilities and healthcare services to an international audience. Medical professionals are encouraged to upload as much information as possible to the platform. Providing clear and up-to-date information helps patients make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

A World of Choice

Remain at the forefront of global medical innovation with Mya Care.

Healthcare is evolving on a daily basis due to enhanced global connectivity between international medical institutes, healthcare providers and patients and Mya Care facilitates the process every time new healthcare facilities and treatment centers join our database. Currently, the portal features thousands of treatment options in a wide range of countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about how Mya Care works, please click to visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page

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