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If you are a doctor, physician or a specialist, then this is an opportunity for you to extend your specialty to the world at large, irrespective of your location. Mya Care’s online platform enables you to easily showcase your expertise and services, manage inquiries and receive patients from all around the globe.

It all starts with making a doctor’s account. Future patients will want to know details about your field of interest, the specialty you embody and the procedures you perform. It helps to keep in mind that this page is your welcome to the patient; the first point of remote contact that will potentially open the door toward further medical discussion and treatment.

When completing your profile, it serves you to cover all the basics and not to leave out any important details. Make sure to list and elaborate on the services you offer, providing information such as translation services, or airport transfers. Clients are also looking to know the facilities you presently work for, as well as a bit about your scope, training, background and previous work history. Uploading an introductory video or pictures of your current practice adds a ton of color to your profile and helps to give your future patients a better overall idea of what you have to offer.

Mya Care encourages doctors to educate their patients through making use of the platform’s blog feature. In order to showcase your knowledge and connect better with users, the platform offers doctors an avenue for sharing blog posts to a global market.

Once a user is interested, they will send you an inquiry, enabling you to contact the client directly, online or offline, as preferred. It is advisable to assign an admin to manage all incoming messages and inquiries.

If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact us and let us know how we can improve your experience at Mya Care.

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