Become a listed Healthcare Provider

If you are looking to remotely market your top-grade facility to international clients or patients, then Mya Care is your go-to platform. Irrespective of your location, your Mya Care profile neatly showcases your facility to a global audience. The platform allows you to promote your services in the form of videos, pictures and all the details that your clients want to know before reaching out to you.

All healthcare profiles display the provider’s data in an organized manner that is easy for the user to follow. This includes a virtual space dedicated to housing an introductory video that walks the viewer through the facilities and services you offer. Short of inviting future clients through your front door; sharing an intro video helps users to better connect with your business, get a more accurate idea of what they can expect and to evaluate the services you offer. Listing pictures of the premises, staff and any other explicit details adds to the effect and attracts more attention to your profile.

Customers look for details that help them to make up their minds. Be sure to detail all the services you offer at length so as not to discourage users. Additionally, please ensure to list all of the doctors and physicians working on your premises, with complete details of their specialties, number of procedures done, expertise, certifications, educational background, work history, achievements, costs and any more. When a patient is interested, they will write to you, enabling offline contact to discuss matters further and potentially arrange an appointment.

As part of your profile, you have the ability to upload content in the form of blogs. This could include new medical technologies, innovative treatment options for certain diseases or other topics that a potential patient would want to learn about. We encourage all healthcare providers to upload blogs as it provides useful information for users, as well as helps it marketing your profile to a larger audience.

It is advisable to assign an admin to manage the HP account on Mya Care in order to ensure swift responses to queries and incoming messages/inquiries.

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