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Inside the portal, you can find rare expertise and specialist services, submit inquiries or even locate providers with unique equipment advised for your care. 

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Use the site to assess your treatment options ahead of time and gather all the necessary information, including the facilities, procedures and services available in your location or whether you can arrange an airport transfer. Listed healthcare providers are encouraged to provide as many details as possible such as pictures, videos, and testimonials to showcase what they have to offer.

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The Mya Care blog holds a wealth of reliable healthcare content, showcasing expert perspectives from all over the globe and vetted by top professionals and medical specialists. Here you can keep up-to-date on the latest health trends, find out more about cutting-edge healthcare procedures, better prepare for appointments, and make informed decisions when seeking healthcare solutions suited to your specific concerns.

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Once you are clear about what you need, the next step is to get connected. The Mya Care platform allows users to consult with multiple healthcare providers and professionals simultaneously, conveniently keeping it all in one place. Reach out, ask questions, refine your understanding of the available options, and plan a comprehensive itinerary, or get a healthcare provider to do it for you. After submitting an inquiry form, a doctor or healthcare representative will contact you shortly.

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