Aesthetic Surgery In Turkey

Turkey is gaining a reputation for excellence in the field of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. Face lifts, eyelid tucks and nose jobs (rhinoplasty) can be booked in Turkey for a fraction of the cost of the same surgery elsewhere, and at the same high quality. Turkey is a wonderful holiday destination, and huge numbers of people are now choosing Turkey for their surgery. With Mya Care there’s no need to be restricted by your location, and many of our clients find that the cost of a top-quality procedure in some parts of the world – even allowing for travel and accommodation costs – is considerably less than having the same procedure done locally. Mya Care supports our clients in finding the right surgeon or clinician for their needs, helps with comparing costs and the logistics of seeking healthcare abroad.

We have so many happy clients who have travelled to Turkey for nose jobs and other aesthetic procedures, and feel that it was the best choice they ever made. Aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons are specialists in intricate procedures that can have a massive positive effect on self-image and confidence. We only choose the very best consultants to recommend to our clients, and we aim to create a smooth, worry-free journey to surgery for our overseas clients.

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