Dr. Arun  Karanwal

Dr. Arun Karanwal

Address: Airport Road, Garhoud, Dubai, Dubai, 400053, United Arab Emirates

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Oncologist

Associated Healthcare Provider: Prime Hospital

Languages Spoken: English

More than 23 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Arun Karanwal is a renowned Medical Oncologist with more than five years of experience in his field. He earned his MBBS, MD, and DM (Medical Oncology) degrees in India. After completing his DM residency, he worked as a full time Consultant Medical Oncologist and Hematologist in one of the leading private hospitals in India for four years. In Dubai, he was a Specialist-Medical Oncologist in a private hospital where he headed a team of experts who formed the institution’s own oncology unit.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Arun has handled all kinds of oncology cases, including solid tumors in breast, lung colon, cervix, ovary, and head and neck; acute leukemias; and lymphomas. After diagnosis, he plans multimodality treatment and palliative and supportive care for his patients coupled with recommendations addressing their emotional and psychological needs as well as that of their families.

He has a vast experience in managing chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies, monoclonal anti-bodies, and immunotherapies. He has also done numerous bone marrow aspiration/biopsies, therapeutic lumbar punctures, and intraperitoneal chemotherapy administration. Dr. Arun, who published several of his research articles in prestigious international journals, has done multiple CME activities.