Dr. Paldeep  Atwal

Dr. Paldeep Atwal

Address: 401 S County Road, #3206, Palm Beach, Florida, 34480, United States

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Clinical Geneticist

Associated Healthcare Provider: Atwal Clinic

Languages Spoken: English

More than 10 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Atwal is a board-certified clinical and medical biochemical geneticist. He formerly served as Mayo Clinic’s Medical Director for the Center for Individualized Medicine and Clinical Lead for the Department of Clinical Genomics at the Jacksonville campus.

Dr. Atwal’s clinical interests include clinical genomics, undiagnosed diseases following lengthy diagnostic odysseys and inborn errors of metabolism including mitochondrial diseases. Through his work, he has helped discover two new genetic connective tissue syndromes that results from defects in the FLNA & AEBP1 genes, helped develop an untargeted metabolomic screening test for inborn errors of metabolism.

Dr. Atwal has published extensively on human genetics with over 100 publications to date. He has presented platform presentations at numerous regional, national and international conferences. He has chaired educational sessions at national meetings and has sat on panel discussions on interesting topics. He has been invited to speak internationally at plenary conferences in North America and Europe. In addition, he has participated in over 50 scientific exhibits and presentations at national and international societies and meetings.