Best Healthcare Providers Worldwide

Thinking about traveling overseas for healthcare? Mya Care’s easy-to-use search engine finds the best facilities from around the world to meet your needs. Simply select the service you require, and choose from the very best hospitals in India, Malaysia, and more. Whether you want to travel the world or stay local,Mya Care has the solution. With a database of private hospitals around the globe, we can connect you with the very best healthcare, at competitive prices. From Bangkok to Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur to London, our hand-picked clinics, hospitals, and healthcare centers are ready to offer world-class services.

Whatever treatment you desire, Mya Care has the answer; we have close links with hospitals, consultants, and specialists, both internationally and locally. We pride ourselves on choosing and maintaining close links to the best possible hospitals, whether in India, Bangkok, London, Bangalore, or almost any location you desire. Mya Care takes the effort out of finding private healthcare providers around the world; you can be sure that you’ll receive the best treatment with Mya Care’s carefully picked partners. The idea is simple: we use our team of international medical experts to find the best healthcare providers, meaning you don’t have to worry about logistics, language barriers, or the possibility of choosing a sub-par facility. It’s easier than ever to access excellent healthcare at home and overseas. With Mya Care, the world’s your oyster.

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