Neurology In India

Mya Care takes pride in hand-picking and working with the absolute best healthcare professionals and hospitals around the world. You can trust that you will get personal, professional care with any of our partners. If you’re looking to travel to India for investigations and treatments for disorders of the nervous system, we can connect you with India’s best neurology hospital and specialists. Treating a series of disorders ranging from mild to critical, our neurologists and their teams take pride in providing the best care for their patients. Using Mya Care’s search engine, you can find the best specialist for the investigation or treatment you require, search by country and region, and find the service that’s right for you.

Mya Care can help you access healthcare abroad for fast, efficient and excellent care. We canhelp you deal with the logistics and concerns associated with going abroad for medical attention, meaning your journey to good health can be speedy and safe. Our team at Mya Care can advise you or help you with any worries. When you’ve got health concerns, you need everything else to be as easy as possible, and we fully understand that. Mya Care can support you in accessing care at the best neurology hospital in India.

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