Neurosurgery Abroad

The trouble with the traditional referral systems and locally-situated healthcare is the lack of choice. Seeking care, whether diagnostic, medical, or surgical intervention, all too often means that you’re restricted to the nearest doctors. Depending where you live, it can also mean huge waiting times. With Mya Care, we have a different approach. What if location wasn’t an issue? What if you could access the very top experts around the globe, often at a fraction of the cost of your local clinicians? What if you could choose the location, the treatment, and the timescale you want? What if you could access the best surgeon, whether a , neurosurgeon or any other specialty, in the world?

At Mya Care we’re proud to have connections with the world-renowned clinics and hospitals around the globe, and we aim to connect you quickly with the right people to provide the treatment you want. If you’re looking for expert neurologists, we have the very best. From initial consultation through to surgery and aftercare, our associates always score highest in terms of outcomes and patient experience. Our allied neurology teams are top class, and we can pair our clients looking for neurosurgery with the absolute best neurosurgeons in the world. When so much is at stake, why shouldn’t you expect the best?

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