Endo Laser-Lipo-Lift- Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

An endo-laser lipo lift can help achieve a younger looking face, as this procedure uses three light- lifting methods. This procedure can rejuvenate the face in the most natural and physiological way, and also smoothens the skin with laser, restores volumes with lipostructure and repositions the skin and relaxed muscles with the endoscopic face lift.

Why is Endo-Laser Lipo-Lift required?

An endo-laser lipo-lift is done to:

  • Restore elasticity of the skin and restore muscle tone of the face and neck
  • Diminish very deep wrinkles between the eyebrows and those at the corners of the mouth when the face looks tired and dull
  • Smoothens out skin damage from marks and roughness

Which Doctor to Consult?

A cosmetic surgeon is the specialist that can do an Endo-Laser Lipo-Lift. He or she can explain you about the risks and the entire procedure.

What to expect during endo-laser lipo lift

The Endo laser lipo lift procedure lasts for 45 minutes to 2 hours under local anaesthesia. Two small incisions will be created in the skin. An endoscope will be positioned under the skin to allow your doctor to visualize the area and to do the procedure.

Lipostructure is done by taking adipose tissue to purify it and re-implant it above the tissue where volume needs to be restored.

After the procedure, the laser will be used to eliminate blemishes, wrinkles, acne scars, "crow's feet" around the eyes, and lines around the lips. The laser will produce new skin fibers and collagen to finalize face rejuvenation.

Post-op care

Physical activities are not allowed after the procedure. You will be advised to refrain from heavy exercise until bandages and stitches are taken out. Your face will have a bandage, which will be removed after 1 week. Stitches will be removed after 10 days. You will get results after a month.


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