Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation- Pediatrics

This branch of medicine is sometimes also referred to as physiatry and deals with physical impairments and disabilities. A practitioner of physical medicine and rehabilitation is called a physiatrist. They deal with patients who go through accidents and sustain injuries and impairments to certain abilities. A physiatrist’s job is to restore function and deal with muscles, bones, ligaments and nervous system.

Physiatry deals with patients who have suffered spinal cord injuries, trauma, have been amputated, have had brain injuries or suffered a stroke. A physiatrist’s main job is not to operate but to provide therapy. A lot of patients lose the ability to walk after accidents, so a physical therapist will work with him and train him to walk again. A lot of amputees do not know how to walk with prosthetics, so a physical therapist will teach them.

People often lose power to speech or patients who suffer speech impairments often need a speech therapist to help them. The process of recovery and training is long. It’s not just a treatment but a journey. Sometimes, there is a team dedicated to therapy and not just one physiatrist. Some practitioners work in hospitals and others work in practices that are solely dedicated to this kind of therapy. Physiatrist often works on home-bound patients too.

Sometimes there is no cure for certain diseases or treatment to overcome disabilities, so a physiatrist will teach a patient how to live with disabilities and diseases and overcome obstacles. This field is dedicated to improving the quality of life of many patients who did not have a chance.

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