Rotator Cuff Surgery- Orthopedics

Rotator Cuff Surgery is surgery that revolves around repairing rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder. It is typically prescribed if the shoulder has been damaged, is weaker or has been in pain for 6-12 months.

The rotator cuff is the joint in the shoulder that allows your arm to rotate. Surgery is required when non-invasive treatments don't work to help heal the area, such as painkillers, bed rest and using an icepack.

The two most common types of surgery are arthroscopic repair and open tendon repair.

Arthroscopic repair involves the use of tiny cameras called arthroscopes that are inserted through small incisions in the shoulder. The surgeon may use this method to diagnose what is wrong with the shoulder as well as to operate on it.

If a bone spur is causing shoulder pain, open tendon repair is used. This method follows classical surgical procedures and demands that the shoulder be opened up to remove damaged tissues and spurs.

During all rotator cuff surgery, anesthesia is administered. The recovery period and level of pain afterwards for arthroscopic surgery is usually less than that for open tendon repair.

One may expect to wear a sling for a minimum of 6 weeks and take painkillers to help with post-surgical relief. Physiotherapy may also be required alongside gentle shoulder exercises. It can take an average of 6 months for full recovery.

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