In a very simple breakdown of medical terms, an allergologist is someone who studies and treats allergies, sometimes also called an allergist. This is a wide subject as different things affect every individual differently. Sometimes it can be a rash and other times it can be recurring flu. It ranges from completely harmful to increasingly severe.

The question is what causes allergies. It can be some specific kinds of foods, pollen or even plants and pets. It is extremely hard to find out what may have triggered an allergy since we are always exposed to multiple things at a given time. This is when an allergologist comes in and identifies what may have caused a specific allergy.

Allergologists use two kinds of tests to find out what may have caused an allergy. They are:

  1. Skin test (also called scratch test) - a small amount of food or pollen is placed on your skin and the outer layer of the skin is lightly punctured. You can be tested for multiple allergens all at once. Usual red flags are swelling and redness as a reaction to contact with an allergy.
  2. Blood test- the more obvious and go-to testing method is a blood test. The presence of Immunoglobulin E antibodies indicates that which kind of allergen may be triggering the reaction.

Most people put off the testing and rely on family medical history and predictions on what may be causing a reaction. It may be extremely dangerous because the allergen may be something you come in contact with on a one-off occasion and the next encounter can be much worse. Allergic reactions can also be fatal so it is best to visit an allergologist to identify what factors are causing allergies. At Mya Care, you will find the help that you need regarding access to details of Allergologists.

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