Dietetics/ Nutrition

Dietetics is the study of food and nutrition and the role it plays in maintaining your overall health.

Dietetics is a branch of medicine that has seen a rise in demand in recent times and it is expected to grow further. Professionals in this field are called dietitians and are employed in hospitals, patient care facilities, food industry and are also hired as private staff. In some places, they are also referred to as nutritionist but in practice, the two job titles are very different.

Their sole responsibility is monitoring and enforcing a nutrition based diet depending upon the patient’s needs. They make medical charts and meal plans as per the patient’s condition along with their family members or care providers. Keep in mind that every patient’s needs are different than others. A dietician’s second core responsibility is to diagnose and treat nutritional problems that a patient may be suffering from.

Dieticians are also responsible for overseeing the preparation of the food and monitor whether all health and safety standards are complied with. The study of diet is mainly concerned with the effects of diet intake on your overall health.

There are many types of patients who require a specialist diet. A few of them are:

  • Diabetics
  • People suffering from obesity
  • People in post-op care
  • Heart patients
  • Cancer patient

There isn’t just one kind of dietetics. There are several specializations in this field ranging from clinical dieticians, community dieticians, food service dieticians, neonatal dieticians, gerontological dietician, pediatric dieticians, administrative dieticians and several others. The core responsibility remains the same, the plan of action with patient type differs.

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