Ear Nose And Throat (ENT)

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A lesser known term for the practitioner is otolaryngologist. Their specialty is not just limited to ear, nose and throat but also includes the voice box, sinuses and other structures within the head and neck region. These organs have different purposes but they are all interconnected and affect each other.

An ENT physician has to go through extensive training before he is considered a specialist in any subdivision of this field. The ENT field can further be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Allergy
  2. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
  3. Head and neck
  4. Throat
  5. Otology/neurotology
  6. Pediatric otolaryngology
  7. Rhinology (nose)
  8. Sleep disorders

There is a good chance that a highly trained physician will be a specialist of only one of the above mentioned fields. However, instead of just being trained in either medicine or surgery, these physicians are trained in both.

Since this is such a wide field, there is a huge number of disorders and diseases that come under it. Some of these have a lifelong impact hence this makes their job very complex. Some of the disorder and diseases include:

  1. Hearing impairment/ deafness
  2. Inner/middle/outer ear disorders
  3. Voice box disorders (inflammation and infections)
  4. Mouth, nose and throat cancer
  5. Sinus disorders
  6. Ear discharge
  7. Nasal congestion and discharge
  8. Neck lump
  9. Sore throats
  10. Dizziness and vertigo

There are many other disorders to name. There are at least 7 kinds of cancers that affect the mouth, nose and throat. There are many contributing factors to ENT diseases, one of them includes smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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