Hair Restoration/ Transplant

Hair restoration, or usually called hair transplant, is a surgical method of transplanting hair on your head. Usually, these are human hair but some practitioners might also use animal hair for transplants. If the surgeon is using the patient’s own hair, then a patch of skin is removed that has hair. Each hair is extracted along with its hair follicle and then each hair is individually inserted in a spot on the bald patch with the hair follicle.

Men usually use this to cover up their male pattern baldness. In recent times this procedure has gotten a lot of limelight and more and more men are availing the opportunity to have a head full of hair. A common misconception is that it can only be used to restore hair of the head. Actually, hair can be restored on your eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and pubic region and even on the chest.

Although this technique has gotten a lot of attention in recent times, the procedure was first tried back in the 19th century. Some people are concerned about the possible side-effects of the surgery. Since we lose hair to ‘hair fall’ on a daily basis, a common side effect is hair thinning.

There has been an advancement in this technique but the future is even brighter for this industry. Sometime in the future, we may also witness hair cloning, a procedure that is still underway research. The day is not far ahead when it will be made accessible to the public.

The procedure is medium ranged on the price scale. Much better than and preferred over wigs whose maintenance is quite time-consuming. 

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