Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecology is the field for women’s reproductive system care. It also includes the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Under the field of gynecology comes obstetrics and this specialization is solely for pregnancy and child birth. There is a very minute difference in the two and more often, one person is qualified for both.

A practitioner of this field is called a gynecologist which a woman may need when she reaches puberty/menstruation till menopause. Gynecology is a field as old as humanity itself. Women have been giving birth and confronting birth-related and pregnancy-related problems since then and there have been methods to treat these.

Other than pregnancy and childbirth, a gynecologist is concerned with other disorders like infertility,  infections, contraception, urinary tract infection (UTI), cancer, premenstrual syndrome and various others. A gynecologist may use diagnostic imaging such as ultrasounds during pregnancy to check on the development of the fetus.


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