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In this fast-paced life, we often forget about the one thing that is crucial to our existence- our wellbeing. If you are not in good health, then career, home, family; nothing can make a difference or help in sustaining a better quality of life. Many factors play a role in the wellbeing of humans. These include:

  • Health- this is the most important factor because it ensures that we are in shape to live the life we are aiming and working so hard for.
  • Environment- stress and related problems can all be significantly diminished by changing your environment. You should always look for or seek a positive environment.
  • Relationships and family- according to research, good home life, relationships, and a family can boost positivity in individuals and keeps them happier.
  • Purpose- this can be anything. A long-awaited dream or a career. Something useful to wake up to every day.
  • Community- human beings are social animals, and we have always survived in communities.
  • Security- this can be health related or finance related. A person who is free from insecurities will always live a more positive and peaceful life.

All of these things take time to achieve. Many people may be leading unhealthy lives struggling with uncertainties and more, indulging in recreational drugs and drinking. In a positive and purposive approach to life, you can ensure the health and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, there are no surgical procedures for this. But there is therapy, which is known to be very effective in ensuring people live happy, satisfied lives.

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