About the Author

Suman Menda

Suman Menda is one of the Co-Founders of Mya Care. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Master of Health Administration from Saint Louis University. She and her family founded Mya Care after their own struggles and experiences with trying to navigate the healthcare system.

After completing her Master of Health Administration, Suman was selected for the Post-Graduate Administrative Fellowship at Ascension Health, the largest non-profit healthcare system in the United States. She also worked as Manager of Business Development at InterHealth Canada, where she was responsible for managing bids, developing proposals, market research and analysis, and compiling business plans and reports. Prior to joining InterHealth Canada in 2009, Suman worked at Nakheel in Corporate Planning and Research in Dubai, UAE.

Outside work, Suman enjoys reading about healthcare-related topics, as well as participating in various active hobbies such as hiking, swimming, dance, and rock climbing.

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