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Acne is a problem that most people in the world have experienced at some stage. We can however take solace in the fact that we're not alone. Acne is a problem for people all over the world. As an example, in Thailand, there are over 60 facilities that treat acne. Clearly acne treatment in Thailand is a top priority. While sometimes acne can be caused my various problems such as hormonal issues, here are some tips to take care of your skin and prevent acne whenever possible.

What is Acne?

The definition of acne according to most dictionaries is "the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers" To put it simply, it's when the pores on your face gets clogged.

As the definition says, acne is most prevalent amongst pubescent teenagers. This is because their bodies are changing, more of a certain hormone called sebum is produced. This hormone is used to moisturize hair and skin and once that production goes into overdrive, it can clog up pores, which in turn, leads to acne. In adults, acne may be caused by other causes such as diet, stress, hormonal imbalances, or using products that are not correct for your skin type.

How to Prevent/Treat Acne?

1) Good Hygiene is a major key to staying acne free. It is important to wash your face, but make sure not to over-wash. Twice a day is enough. In addition to this, if you have acne prone skin make sure to research which make up products work best for your skin and make sure to clean your face properly of all make up before you sleep, no matter how tired you are.
2) Staying hydrated is also a good prevention technique to flush toxins out of your body. Though there is no definitive research that shows toxins lead to breakouts, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia found that having about 2 cups of water significantly boosted blood flow throughout the body and skin.
3) Here's a surprisingly simple tip. Do not touch your face. Bacteria and other germs can play a role in causing acne. And everything we touch is covered in bacteria, especially things like keyboards and phone screens. When you touch your face, it's as if you're transporting all those germs right to your face. In addition to this, if you find you have a blemish, resist the urge to squeeze, touch or pick it. This will force the bacteria deeper into the skin causing more problems!

4) Don't spend too much time in the sun.  The Sun can increase inflammation and redness, which can lead to hyperpigmentation. Additionally, some acne medications can make skin more sensitive to sunlight.  If you do need to be outdoors, make sure to apply sunscreen, and wear protective clothing such as a hat to protect your skin.
While there are plenty of other precautions you can take such as a healthy diet which we have not mentioned in this article, these four tips can help you towards your journey to clear skin.

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