About Mya Care Blogger

Mya Care Blogger features content written by medical doctors and qualified professionals with a background in healthcare and strives to provide accurate and up-to-date health information. All information is thoroughly reviewed by a team of editors with experience in medicine and medical writing. We leverage a wealth of credible sources to ensure the accuracy and depth of our content. This includes referencing systematic reviews from respected medical journals, the latest academic and professional books by renowned experts, and evidence-based guidelines from leading national and international health organizations. This rigorous process ensures content aligns with current medical guidelines and is updated periodically to reflect the latest advancements in healthcare.

Our dynamic editorial team goes beyond mere fact-checking. They value diverse perspectives and expertise, fostering a rich mix of viewpoints, approaches, and disciplines within the healthcare field. This collaborative environment enables insightful and well-rounded content for our readers. Furthermore, by combining the knowledge of medical professionals with the editorial skills of experienced healthcare writers, Mya Care Blogger delivers high-quality, credible, and accessible health information.

Editorial Team

  • Suman Menda: Co-founder and author with a background in healthcare administration, passionate about simplifying healthcare navigation.
  • Manish Menda: Co-founder, author, and entrepreneur with a focus on patient empowerment and healthcare access.
  • Ramesh Menda: Co-founder, author, and health advocate, driven by his own healthcare journey to empower others.
  • Sajid Musaliar: Content strategist with over a decade of experience, committed to clear, well-researched health content.
  • Koyel Shee: Content developer and reviewer with 10+ years of experience in healthcare, specializing in PR, copywriting, and social media management.
  • Patricia Sequeira: Medical content reviewer and physiotherapist with a decade of clinical practice, ensuring content accuracy and relevance.
  • Parvathy Sarath Chandran: Healthcare content writer and reviewer with over 4 years of experience, skilled in translating complex medical concepts for diverse audiences.
  • Sheryl Nasir: Healthcare content reviewer with extensive experience since 2012, focusing on accuracy and reliability in health materials. 

Other Authors

Medical Professionals

  • Dr. Mersad Alimoradi (Medicine, Germany): Medical doctor and author passionate about spreading medical knowledge through educational articles.
  • Dr. Vedangana Saini (Neuroscience, United States): Ph.D. neuroscientist with a mission to educate the public about recent scientific and medical developments.
  • Dr. Rae Osborn (Biology, United States): Ph.D. biologist with extensive experience writing on medical conditions and healthy lifestyles.
  • Dr. Rosmy Barrios (Aesthetic Medicine, Serbia): Internationally experienced aesthetic medicine specialist, focusing on anti-aging, fitness, and nutrition.
  • Dr. Shilpy Bhandari (Periodontics & Implantology, India): Experienced dental surgeon specializing in gum health and dental implants.
  • Dr. Sarah Livelo (Pediatrics, Philippines): Board-certified pediatrician with a passion for healthcare writing and medical advancements in nutrition and fitness.
  • Dr. Lauren Livelo (Dermatology, Philippines): Board-certified dermatologist with expertise in skincare and skin diseases.
  • Dr. Fatima Munir (Medicine, Pakistan): Medical doctor and researcher dedicated to providing accurate health information through writing.

Allied Health Experts

  • Elaine Francis (Cardiology Nurse, United Kingdom): Registered nurse with over 15 years of experience, specializing in cardiology and healthcare content creation.
  • Hector Osorio (Cell Biology, Venezuela): Cell biologist and science writer with a focus on complex life science topics.
  • Shailesh Sharma (Pharmacy, Nepal): Pharmacist and medical content writer passionate about evidence-based health information.
  • Innocensia Kambewe (Public Health, South Africa): Public health specialist and medical writer passionate about increasing health awareness.
  • Sadia Asad (Physiotherapy, Pakistan): Physiotherapist with expertise in medical content writing and research.