Mya Care Blogger 03 May 2018

The process is surgical and uses local anesthesia. Like all surgical procedures, it has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss them here:


  1. The patient is himself the donor, so this eliminates the requirement of color matching.
  2. Although surgical, this is the most natural method of hair growth. The process is very natural and the growth of your hair will be just as normal as of any other person. No medication or drugs are required to enhance hair growth.
  3. This is a much better option to ensure long-term growth of hair rather than using various treatments that guarantee nothing.


  1. Since the procedure uses the patient’s hair, it is a requirement that the patient has enough hair to be transplanted. This is a severe limitation for patients whose baldness has affected the entire head.
  2. It takes almost 8 to 10 months to recover from the procedure. Moreover, this may cause some discomfort or even pain for a few nights before the scars heal.
  3. The procedure can be expensive.

Before you opt for one, you need to weigh the pros against the cons. Be sure that you get a blood workup before surgery and discuss the procedure with your surgeon at length.

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