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Amount of fat cells on adult body is stable. Fat cells do not grow more after puberty; however, volume of the fat cells grow. This is end up increase of weight. Dietary habits and life style play very important role for people to gain or lose weight. 

In able to release from extra weight a proper diet and exercise and regularly life style is restricted. However, for some people, even for these conditions there might be very stubborn fat cells which do not get lost. Stomach, back, thighs, in or out thighs and knees are the areas that fat cells mostly found which do not go away with diet and exercise. The fat cells in these areas can be reduced a little with a diet and exercise. More exercise and diet will result in failure of metabolism in body instead of getting thinner.

Liposuction is an operation in which fat cells in certain areas of the body are absorbed by a special vacuum or by special injectors, and fat is removed from the body. It is certainly not an operation to lose weight, it is an operation to fix contour in the body. With this operation, the volume is increased, dietary and excretory-resistant fat cell is removed from the body, and the number of fat cells present is also reduced. Classic liposuction operation first came out in 1970s, the cannula diameters used are large and sharp which caused serious problems due to the inadequate use of vacuum devices. This operation can cause loss of good amount of liquid and electrolyte in the body. After this operation many people lost their life. These days this problem is left back now. With the techniques being applied for the last 10 years, liposuction has become indispensable in body contour correction. With a well-selected patient, it is an operation without any risk if the safety limit is not exceeded, as long as the goal is not losing weight but contour correction. Nowadays, the safety limit is accepted as 2,5 - 4,5 liters in different sources. The operation gets done in the operation room environment and in trust of anesthesia specialist. Local anesthesia or sedation (narcotizing by vascular access) is preferable. Local anesthesia can only be applied on the limited small area. Duration of the operation is depended on the area of the liposuction which may be 1 – 5 hours. Cannula insertion holes are usually not sewn or put 1-2 stitches.

Sometimes cannulas are used to puncture areas with special fine pores (resistance), which is used to empty the accumulated serum. Depending on the wideness of the operation, a patient can be discharged from the hospital on the same day or after 24 hours. 

Generally, afterwards of operation is comfortable. The pain is pretty much light and can be treated with a medicine. After the operation a special bandage is put on the area of vacuum and a special corset will be worn to the patient. Patient is dressed after surgery. The patient keeps wearing the corset for the next 5-6 weeks. There can be purplish color changes on the vacuumed areas. There can be tingles, swellings and burn feeling. These get disappear in 3 weeks. Surgery marks almost get disappear in 2-6 months.

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