Dr. Ali A  Dabaja

Dr. Ali A Dabaja

Address: 1 Ford Pace, Detroit, Michigan, 48202, United States, Wayne State University

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Urologist

Associated Healthcare Provider: Henry Ford Hospital

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English

More than 12 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

Ali A. Dabaja is an expert in the treatment of male infertility, especially the interface of male factor treatment with assisted reproductive techniques. His work has focused on the treatment of men with azoospermia and microsurgical sperm retrieval.  

Over 20 published original manuscripts, as well as numerous book chapters and invited articles, Dr. Dabaja has published on the techniques of microscopic sperm retrieval in men with infertility, specifically azoospermia, and on the characteristic of men who are candidates for medical treatment of infertility or sperm retrieval. He has also published extensively on microsurgical varicocelctomy and the effect of varicocele on men’s health including low testosterone and Erectile dysfunction.  Dr. Dabaja is primary investigator or Co-primary investigator on multiple randomized control trials in Urology.

Early in his career, Dr. Dabaja trained with Dr. Schlegel who is a pioneer in the field of urology and male reproductive function.  During his fellowship training, he worked on biomedical Research and microRNA profiling in men with male infertility at the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery, Department of Urology – Weill Cornell College. Dr. Dabaja obtain his residency training with Dr. Menon, and trained in urological robotic surgery and on techniques for nerve sparing prostatectomy to preserve erectile dysfunction.

His expertise in urology has been recognized by national and international authorities by invitations from the American Urology Association, Society for Male Reproductive Medicine and Urology, Czech Republic Urologic Association to speak on issues of male infertility treatment or moderated sessions on Male Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Dabaja is an associate editor for the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, section editor for the Current Urology Reports. He is a contributor and editor of male infertility section of BMJ Best Practice publications. Currently or previously served as reviewer for the British Journal of Urology-International, Fertility & Sterility, Journal of Urology.

Dr. Dabaja serves or has served in a leadership role in the American Urology Association, at Henry Ford Health System as the Associate Program Director for the residency program, Michigan State Medical Society, and the Chair of the National Arabic American Medical Association 2018 national convention.

Dr. Dabaja is a board-certified urologist. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in the state of Michigan at Henry Ford Health System, and graduated AOA from Wayne State School of Medicine.