Dr. Péter   Sipos

Dr. Péter Sipos

Address: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 5, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: General Surgeon

Associated Healthcare Provider: Liv Duna Medical Center

Languages Spoken: English, German

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Sipos's main interest is hernia surgery, focusing on laparoscopic procedures. Having worked as a consultant surgeon for more than twenty years, one year in London, UK, 5 years in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Dr. Sipos has gained experience in a wide range of operations both on elective and emergency basis performing as the surgeon including but not limited to:

  • Gastric resections for benign or malignant diseases, fundoplication (Nissen’s and Toupet’s open and laparoscopic)
  • Hepatectomies, pancreatectomies, bile duct operations, cholecystectomies (laparoscopic and open), splenectomies (laparoscopic and open)
  • Colectomies and rectal resections with TME (laparoscopic and open)
  • Hernia repair (laparoscopic and open), thyroid surgery and breast surgery
  • Working together with Bariatric team

After completing his gastroenterology training, he has gained experience with upper and lower GI endoscopy as well.