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Liv Duna Medical Center

Liv Duna Medical Center

Address: Lechner Ödön fasor 5, Budapest, Budapest, 1095, Hungary

Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Provider Type: General Hospital

About the Healthcare Provider

The Duna Medical Center Hospital, established in 2015, is one of the most well-equipped private healthcare facilities in Hungary, offering outpatient services, inpatient care, and diagnostics. In 2021, we inaugurated our new, independent hospital building where dedicated and internationally recognized professionals work towards the safe recovery of our patients.

Dedicated Professionals

Our physicians are committed to modern medical practices, recognized as some of the best in their fields, often with significant international experience. The healthcare professionals in our clinics, operating rooms, and inpatient departments use their knowledge, practical experience, and humane approach to ensure the safety, high-quality care, and recovery of our patients.

Modern Diagnostics

Our radiology department is equipped with the latest devices, including low radiation dose X-ray machines, the most modern 3D digital mammography device suitable for tissue sampling, bone density measuring X-ray equipment, and ultrasound machines used across multiple specialties, all contributing to accurate diagnosis. Of course, our services also include sample collection for necessary laboratory examinations and evaluation of the results.


Our consultation services cover almost all fields from andrology to gastroenterology, gynecology to urology: we offer examination opportunities in 45 specialties in our newly equipped clinics with the latest tools.


The Duna Medical Center's brand-new hospital boasts the most modern surgical infrastructure, and the most advanced equipment and instrument park in Hungarian healthcare. Surgeons are aided by special high-resolution 3D camera and monitor systems used for laparoscopic procedures. Our anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists, who possess outstanding professional experience, monitor patients' vital functions during surgery and provide appropriate anesthesia, pain relief, and ventilation using the latest equipment.

Obstetrics Center

Our Obstetrics Center's philosophy is to combine safety, professionalism, and harmony. We focus on natural childbirth while our state-of-the-art surgical equipment and professional staff are prepared for any necessary obstetric surgical interventions for the safety of mothers and babies – whether planned or urgent arising during childbirth.

Modern, Comfortable Hospital Environment

We operate a private healthcare institution that prioritizes patient comfort and elevated service standards along with high-quality medical care.

On our surgical ward and in our maternity ward, we offer single and double room accommodations for our patients. Adjustable beds controlled by remote, meals defined by dietitians as per the postoperative diet, along with a patient lounge offering coffee, tea, and refreshments, and Wi-Fi service ensure the comfort and swift recovery of our recuperating patients and new mothers.

  • No. of Hospital Beds

  • No. of ICU Beds

  • No. of Operating Rooms

  • No. of Private Rooms

  • No. of VIP Rooms

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Room Type

  • 2 - Bedded Room
  • Private Room
  • Suite
  • VIP

Room Facilities

  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Call Bell System
  • Food Services
  • Guest Bed
  • Internet - WIFI
  • Private AC
  • Television
  • Toiletries
  • Towels

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Cash
  • Credit / Debit Card