Dr. Raimund  Völker

Dr. Raimund Völker

Address: Effnerstraße 38, Munich, Bayern, 81925, Germany

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Orthopedic Surgeon

Associated Healthcare Provider: ATOS Clinic Munich

Languages Spoken: English, German

More than 33 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

The Centre for Hip Surgery is directed by Dr. med. Raimund Völker. Dr. Völker has a great deal of experience in the field of endoprosthetics at the hip joint. He is one of the very few highly specialised surgeons who exclusively focus on hip surgery. This specialisation offers tremendous benefits to the patient. Dr. Völker is also one of the internationally renowned surgeons who, in addition to proven standard endoprosthetics, also has a great deal of experience in bone-preserving resurfacing. Both methods complement each other in their quality. In this way, the best possible procedure can be offered for each patient.

In contrast to simple standard endoprostheses, Dr. med. Völker only uses high-quality and long-tested original implants at ATOS Clinic. This creates the foundation for secure high durability.

The use of minimally invasive, muscle-sparing surgical techniques ensures faster recovery with natural flexibility and maximum joint safety. The right choice of implants and early intensive physiotherapy support this. These measures, which facilitate the healing process, are summarised internationally under the term “Enhanced Recovery Programme”.