Dr. Robert Soler  Rich

Dr. Robert Soler Rich

Address: Carrer de Vilana, 12, 08022 Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, 08022, Spain

Gender: Male

Type of Professional: Orthopedic Surgeon

Associated Healthcare Provider: QS Teknon Medical Center

Languages Spoken: Catalan, French, Spanish

About the Doctor / Professional

Together with Dr. Lluís Orozco Delclós, Dr. Robert Soler Rich co-directs the Institute of Regenerative Tissue Therapy at Teknon Medical Centre, a pioneering unit that uses adult stem cells selected and cultivated with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures in cell therapy laboratories. The unit leads worldwide clinical trials that have been published in prestigious scientific journals, the results of which confirm the efficacy of using adult stem cells to regenerate joint cartilage in arthrosis or in intervertebral lumbar discs. In collaboration with different public and private institutions, it designs and develops national and international studies aimed at generating scientific evidence of the therapeutic value of adult stem cells, as well as the safety of their use.

The Unit promotes the advancement of knowledge and the application of innovative therapies, managing the design and development of clinical trials in humans and animal model studies, in collaboration with experts from public and private institutions interested in developing new therapeutic tools against injuries or diseases that are difficult to heal or cure. New clinical trials and more than 250 patients treated using bone regeneration in healing defects, regeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis and regeneration of the intervertebral disc endorse this therapeutic potential and open a wide spectrum for future applications.