Dr. Virginia  Midrigan

Dr. Virginia Midrigan

Address: PO Box 282890, Dubai Mall, Fashion Parking, Level 7, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Gender: Female

Type of Professional: Obstetrician / Gynecologist

Associated Healthcare Provider: Mediclinic Dubai Mall

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Romanian, Russian

More than 21 Years of experience

About the Doctor / Professional

Dr. Virginia Midrigan is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist with 18 years of experience in her field. She received her license degree of Doctor in Medicine from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy and has worked in several hospitals and clinics in Moldova, Italy and the UAE.

Dr. Midrigan is highly skilled in treating a wide range of gynecology conditions including aesthetic and cosmetic gynecology, cervical pathology, hormonal disorders, infertility, sexual dysfunction problems, colposcopy and breast examination and is passionate about aesthetic and cosmetic gynecology and anti-aging treatments.

Her core competencies are:

  • Non-surgical aesthetic gynecology and genital rejuvenation by radio frequency
  • Laser, PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma, soft hyaluronic acid fillers for complex feminine rejuvenation and anti-aging 
  • Non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence 
  • Prolapse management by RF
  • Laser and use of PRP-Gel therapy 
  • Modern minimally-invasive methods of early detection of cervical cancer
  • PAP smear, colposcopy and treatment of cervical erosion and another pathology with the last innovative radio-wave technology
  • Family planning counseling
  • Premarital and antenatal screening
  • Contraception advise, IUD insertion and removal Treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease
  • STD-sexually transmitted diseases
  • Bladder infections 
  • Management of hormonal disorders at all ages and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy