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Updated 4th August 2023

As of August 2023, there are no COVID-19 travel restrictions in India. If the situation changes, the article will be updated as necessary.

Traveling to a foreign place for healthcare can seem daunting, especially when you're not feeling well and have to deal with culture shock on top of a language barrier. Thankfully, tourists have been traveling from all over the globe to receive healthcare in Mumbai for a long time. As a result, there is already lots of infrastructure in place to make travelers from many nationalities feel more at home.

Healthcare in Mumbai is an incredibly attractive option for medical tourism due to offering several world-class hospitals, cutting edge facilities, cost-effective treatment options and top-accredited physicians. Many of the staff working in hospitals there are also familiar with tourists and are usually fluent in English.

There are however, a few precautions one needs to know before traveling for healthcare in Mumbai. Here are a few useful tips for those who are thinking of planning a medical trip there:

1. Consider Top Private Hospitals

While the hospitals in the public sector offer the cheapest healthcare in Mumbai, they are often short-staffed, lacking equipment, do not serve tourist-friendly food and have long queues.

Instead, opt for one of the 6000+ private hospitals that Mumbai has to offer![1] These hospitals are often in partnership with prestigious overseas corporations or universities, offering some of the best standards of healthcare. Private hospitals are also better equipped to deal with tourists, offering more palatable food and sometimes even professional translators for non-English-speaking foreigners.

2. Budget Your Time Wisely

Mumbai is ranked as the world's third largest city, with an ever expanding population size of ±18 million people. Many reports suggest that this overbearing population size combined with an explosion in the medical tourism industry has given rise to a great demand on healthcare in Mumbai. This means that for many treatments, there is a waiting time - sometimes even up to a few hours!

Even though the statistics apply more to the public sector than the private sector, it is still wise to budget your time wisely and book all appointments in advance. Bring things with you to do at the hospital you want to visit. You may also need to book for a longer stay, just in case you need to make unplanned follow-up appointments - if not, then you can always spend some time enjoying the rich culture India has to offer.

3. Apply for Medical Insurance

In spite of the affordable prices of healthcare in Mumbai, it is still advised that you obtain some kind of medical insurance for your stay there[2]. This will allow you to be more flexible in choosing treatment options and helps to cover for any unexpected costs, such as referral consultations or other treatments that you did not expect to receive.

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