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If you need expert medical treatment and want to simultaneously enrich your soul with ancient architecture, pristine beach air, delicious healthy food and a hyper-friendly culture that truly go all out to make life extra exciting; then consider receiving healthcare in Spain!

Flamboyant festivals, exotic culinary experiences, beautiful weather and some of the world's oldest historic buildings combined with world-class medical facilities and leading healthcare professionals makes Spain overall one of the most sought after medical tourism destinations of all time.

If you need more convincing, here is a list of 8 convincing reasons why you should opt for healthcare in Spain and explore everything this lively country has to offer:

1. The Food is not only delicious, it's overall healthier for you!

Spain is renowned for it's amazing Tapas-style foods, tomato based dishes, traditional cheeses, olives, seafood and wide selection of preserved meats that all fall within the context of a rich Mediterranean diet. Studies show that people who live in countries which mostly consume foods native to the Mediterranean diet (like Spain), display longer lifespans, lower rates of cardiovascular disease and a relatively improved quality of life in general![1] Scientists attribute this to the high level of antioxidant-rich foods in the Mediterranean diet - particularly olive oil and fish.

Furthermore, receiving healthcare in Spain, especially when it comes down to surgical procedures, is conducive to speeding recovery - at least from a dietetics perspective. A scientific survey carried out on 10 European countries revealed that Spain is the number one consumer of food rich in potassium[2], a vital nutrient for optimal well-being that many people are deficient in, especially those who have high blood pressure. Post-surgery, patients may also experience a dip in potassium[3]. Extra potassium may help such individuals speed up their recovery time, which is where consuming a Spanish Mediterranean diet may provide an additional helping hand.

2. Save Anywhere Between 30-70% on Medical Procedures

Healthcare in Spain is highly a sought after gem thanks to it's budget-friendly options and almost unreal level of hospitality to newcomers. It's a little known fact that Spain's medical system can allow for savings between 30-70% while still maintaining world-class facilities akin to other countries in Europe[4] [5].

This is partly due to the fact that Spain underwent an economic recession in the 20th century. While this was a testing time in Spain's history, it lent itself to building a more resilient economy and a warmer culture of people who open their doors to travelers and tourists without lofty airs and graces. After the recession, lots of money went into developing Spain's medical sectors, both private and public, to grow what is a thriving medical tourism industry today!

3. Spain's Healthcare System Ranks No.1 in Europe, No.3 in World!

Out of all the countries in Europe, healthcare in Spain ranks number one in terms of efficiency[6], according to the Bloomberg annual 2018 health-efficiency index (Bloomberg is an American based financial, software, media and data-collection company). On a global scale, this index provides further insight by showing that healthcare in Spain ranks third globally; followed by healthcare in Singapore (number one) and Hong-Kong (number two).

This result is due to the high life expectancy Spain exudes, with the average person happily living to nearly 83 years of age. Healthcare in Spain is also globally appreciated for swiftly helping those in need of an organ transplant (more on that below), which is a classic issue with most healthcare systems. Another part of the data collected by Bloomberg that truly shines a light on healthcare in Spain is the fact that nearly 10% of the GDP is funneled into health, showing a true sense of dedication to the well-being of Spain's people and the tourists it treats.

Another source that backs up these conclusions include the World Health Organizations assessment of healthcare in Spain. Part of their findings show that an overwhelming majority of people in Spain experience either good or very good health, reaching levels as high as 72.6% in 2014 and continually on the rise![7] Compared to other European countries, healthcare in Spain truly stands out, being generally 30% below most recorded averages for disease occurrence by comparison.

4. Keep Calm and Work on your tan to help yourself recover

Unlike so many other destinations in Europe, Spain lends itself to an endless supply of warm weather and many beautiful, pristine beaches. If fresh sea air is your thing, then one quick internet search will have you simply drooling over Spain's abundance of oceanic scenery and clear blue skies!

Getting some extra sun and completely unwinding by the sea is also great for recovering from illness. Aside from getting in some more Vitamin D, the ocean is full of many minerals that help to rebalance our cellular fluids. Since the oceans around Spain are so clean, swimming in the sea is likely to be even healthier for you than in other areas of the world. So come on down to get a dose of restful healthcare in Spain where even the beach is inviting you to heal your body, mind and spirit!

5. Choose from a Wide Variety of Top Healthcare Professionals

By now you might be wondering what healthcare in Spain has to offer in terms of treatment options and medical expertise. The answer to that question is EVERYTHING! Spain has a rich diversity of healthcare professionals from every part of the globe who are willing to work with you to correct your problems, using the best state of the art facilities. You will be able to find a qualified medical expert from just about every sphere to treat your condition, whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery or somebody that can truly help treat a chronic disease.

Healthcare in Spain also boasts over 20 JCI accredited hospitals, each one maintaining exceptionally high standards. Most hospitals in Spain also have staff that are trained fluently in English and are fully equipped to treat guests from all over the world.

The only thing to note about the variety of healthcare in Spain is that it will be devoid of alternative healing therapies in the future. As of 2018, Spain's government put out a call to ban all alternative healing therapies and place all their efforts in developing conventional therapies instead.[8]

Spain also has spent a great deal of time perfecting surgical techniques in the medical sphere, growing upon a near-100-year-old body of research. Many medical universities in Spain also specialize in this area and the majority of government (and private) research grants are used to push forward cutting-edge surgical techniques and studies.[9]

If you want to try an experimental surgery or even just a standard procedure, healthcare in Spain is undeniably one of your best bets.

6. Experience Amazing Architecture

Now that we've explored Spain's medical scene, let's take a look at why people love receiving healthcare in Spain so much. Over and above the reasonable prices, food and sunshine, Spain has a truly rich architectural heritage. Particularly in terms of renaissance and gothic architecture, many of the towns in Spain are home to some of the world's oldest cathedrals and other holy places.

By far the most impressive of these cathedrals is Seville Cathedral (aka Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See). It was declared as the largest cathedral in the entire world by UNESCO! It houses an impressive collection of 80 intricate chapels, complete with 15 ornate doors and stands an impressive 42 meters or 137.8 feet tall. Furthermore, DNA testing confirmed that a certain set of bones buried at this historic site belong to the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.[10]

The stories accompanying such holy places add to their attraction! For instance, the beautiful Valencia Cathedral is theorized by many historians to be home to the original Holy Grail. Others argue that the holy goblet used by Jesus Christ at the last supper is housed at the Basilica of San Isidoro in Leon.

7. Soak Up Nature's Diversity in a Way You've Never Done Before

Aside from some of the world's most pristine beaches, Spain offers a really rich diversity of natural scenery from coast to coast. Mountains cover the wide peninsula and contain a large assortment of prehistoric caves with artefacts and cave-paintings housed within them to explore. While the coasts of Spain are sunny, many of these mountainous regions offer snowy peaks and even boast a few ski-resort lodges for those who prefer the colder weather but want to take a dip into a completely unique culture. 

There are also a handful of volcanoes that are endemic to Spain, with the most famous one being found on the Canary Islands, a short ride away from the main land. Here you can even find the El Diablo Restaurante that cooks all their meat over a grill that is powered by a volcano!

Spain is home to the only known desert in Europe, offering a beautiful scenic change from the rest of what the country has to offer. One could potentially experience all the types of climate known to Earth by doing a roundabout trip through the countries many exquisite terrains.

Lastly, the night time sky in Spain has long been heralded as being clear and easy to see, adding even more to the countries inherent natural beauty (if that's even possible!). Physicists, astronomers and other star-obsessed individuals all gather at the Starmus Festival once a year to observe the movement of the stars, discuss the latest planetary data and just to enjoy themselves with some good food and live music.

8. Ignite Your Fire Again by Participating in Any of Spain's Many Festivals

Home to a myriad of lively festivals, nightclubs and other spectacular events that often make use of flamenco dancers, Spain is a top spot for those who are looking to heal up before having a truly good time!

Here are a few of the festivals[11] you ought to know about before going for healthcare in Spain so you can be sure to include them in your experience!

  • La Tomatina - a tomato fighting festival where all participants throw tomatoes at one another and in this fit of crazy fun, paint the town of Bunol red with tomato juice!
  • Las Fallas De Valencia - a five day party festival in the streets of Valencia that includes very colorful street parades and lots of fun to be had! The name literally means "Festival of Fire."
  • Cordoba Patios Festival - once a year, the locals living in Cordoba decorate their patios, the streets and every known possible space with a large variety of gorgeously colored flowers. This stunning botanical event is a must-see for those who love tending their flower gardens!

Spain will not only enrich your understanding of culture but it will also open your eyes to new perspectives related to the arts, color, texture and fashion. Ranked as 17th in the world, Spain is home to IED Barcelona, a prestigious university focused solely on fashion and design[12]. As a result, many of the accessories, clothing items and festivals have a ramped up sense of beauty and extravagance. Moreover, Spain was home to the famous Pablo Picasso, with many of his artworks available to see in museums as well as the historic site of his home.

Healthcare Providers in Spain

QS Dexeus University Hospital

The QS Dexeus University Hospital of Barcelona offers first-rate medical and surgical assistance in all specialties. It is the center of reference in many of its specialties, being one of the first private university centers in all of Spain.

Quirónsalud Hospital Group

Quirónsalud Hospital Group offers in Spain all medical specialties such as type II diabetes, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedic surgery as well as specialized centers for ophthalmology, cardiology & more

Hospital Universitario Quirónsalud Madrid

Quirónsalud Hospital is a benchmark for private healthcare in the Madrid Region with a top-level team of professionals, cutting edge technology and personalized attention to patients.

Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona

Hospital Quirónsalud Barcelona is a leading Private Southern Europe healthcare center established 60+ years ago, providing all major medical facilities & treatments using the latest equipment.

QS Teknon Medical Center

QS Teknon Medical Center is one of the leading healthcare providers in Barcelona. Offering all major medical facilities such as Diagnostic Centers, Heart Institute's, Rehabilitation Facilities and Cosmetic Center.

Overall, healthcare in Spain can be an incredibly enriching experience with a high rate of success and plenty to see and do. If you would like to book your trip and have no clue where to start, MYA Care can help get you going by linking you with healthcare professionals in Spain as well as taking care of all the other details such as travel, lodging and food!

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