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Healthcare in India has quickly become a popular destination thanks to it's fast growing private sector,  highly affordable treatment costs and high quality medical services. 

Universal Healthcare

Healthcare in India has always opened itself up to allowing foreigners in for treatment. As a result, many of the best hospitals offer English speaking staff, Western-style food and sometimes even professional translators to help those who are non-English speaking.

On average, medical tourists visiting to acquire healthcare in India are from:

  • Bangladesh and Afghanistan (34%)

  • Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (30%)

  • Middle Eastern countries and Africa (20%)

  • The US and the UK (16%)

Some of the popular areas for healthcare in India are as follows:

  • Bangalore

  • Chennai

  • Hyderabad

  • Mumbai

  • New Delhi

Cutting Edge Medical Facilities

Private healthcare in India has seen an explosion of interest and development thanks to the overwhelming number of foreigners who seek inexpensive medical treatment there. Many privately owned hospitals boast the latest medical equipment, cutting edge technologies and world-class specialists. These facilities are still offered at lower prices than those found in Western countries.

A Wider Selection of Treatments

Healthcare in India offers a wide selection of treatments from medical experts that travel the globe to earn their credentials to alternative therapies and spa treatments. Amongst the most successful specialties, India has earned a reputation for muscle reconstruction surgery, heart surgery, as well as liver and kidney surgeries. 

India also has a very rich history in terms of Ayurveda and alternative medicine. These healing traditions and knowledge of Indian herbs have been passed down in some cases for more than 3000 years! Many medical tourists take full advantage of being able to learn about herbs while they are there and buy over the counter herbal supplements at a fraction of the price.

A Rich Cultural Heritage

India's rich tradition and beautiful temples add an extra allure to the area, offering medical tourists a truly unique experience for both health and wanderlust. Many arrange trips to view these ancient sites in between their medical appointments, depending on the nature of their trip.

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