Ayurveda is nicknamed the science of life. It promotes the use of herbal compounds, special diets, and other alternative health practices like yoga, meditation, therapeutic fasting, naturopathy and rituals like mantra. Balance of the body, mind and spirit is emphasized in Ayurveda. Suppressing natural urges, eating against nature, and unbalanced thoughts and emotions are considered unhealthy, and are claimed by Ayurveda to lead to illness.

Our Ayurveda Expert, talks about making changes within our daily lives in order to promote a healthy body and mind:

If you want to stay ‘disease-free’ then have a close look at what you eat. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of fresh, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables. Stay away from oily-junk food, as far as possible. If you include Ayurveda eating in your diet, then your body will have more energy which will help to clear toxins.

Maintaining the equilibrium of the body’s elements is the main objective of Ayurveda. Based on these objectives, here are some basic tips which, if incorporated into your regimen, will help you to lead a healthier life.

  • Always follow a systemized daily routine, and keep yourself in-tune with the change in seasons, following a well-planned diet and exercise schedule.
  • Ayurveda emphasizes the maintenance of personal, social and civic hygiene, which is a must for positive health.
  • As soon as you get up, try to clear your bodily toxins by going to the bathroom. If you delay your excretion process, then you could be indirectly poisoning yourself which can exacerbate chronic problems later in life. So maintain a schedule to get rid of dirt from your body.
  • Start your day with “honey water”, using a teaspoonful of good quality honey in half a pint of still water. This is the best step to kill all toxins from your body. It also possesses various bacteria-killing properties.
  • Restful sleep is important. Our body needs time to rejuvenate and to detoxify, and the best time for this process is sleeping. When we get a good night’s sleep, our inner cells work in harmony to strengthen our immune system and circulate energy throughout our body.

To get good night’s sleep, try taking a warm bath before bed and use essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood to help calm you down. Complement this with slow and deep breathing.

  • Drink sufficient amounts of water every day. Water is the best source to flush out toxins from the body and to ensure the smooth running of the digestive system.
  • Never sleep during the day as it leads to indigestion.
  • Make a schedule. Create a list of all the things that you will be doing throughout the day and stick to it. Sticking to a planned schedule will help to avoid disturbance and will create a mental, physical and emotional balance in your body.
  • Drinking buttermilk is excellent as it is easily digestible, kindles hunger, instigates vata and kapha and can relieve the symptoms of dropsy, haemorrhoids, enlargement of the abdomen, abdominal tumours, duodenal diseases, dysuria, enlargement of the spleen, loss of appetite, and anaemia.
  • Ayurveda recommends vegetarian foods as they offer more nourishment for the body, rather than non-vegetarian foods.
  • Always try to eat fresh lukewarm food and in limited quantities. Food should be consumed at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, as it helps in ensuring proper digestion and a sound sleep.
  • Make oil massages a part of your daily routine.
  • Physical exercise should be an integral part of your daily routine. Apart from this, yoga practice will help in bringing lightness to the body, stability, the ability to work, resistance to discomfort, and will stimulate digestion.
  • Drink coconut water. It is sweet, a coolant, easily digestible, relieves thirst, is an aphrodisiac, improves hunger and cleanses the urinary bladder.
  • The periodic use of rejuvenation therapy is considered important in maintaining positive health, given its therapeutic potential to delay the ageing process and improve quality of life. Visit the Thanyapura’s Wellness Centre for more details on available rejuvenation therapies, or visit us online.
  • Start using healthy herbs and spices like fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic, cumin seeds and black pepper in cooking as often as possible. All these herbs have properties to reduce bad cholesterol, protect vital organs and trigger the body’s metabolism.

Ayurveda believes that the mind is a very powerful tool in both causing and curing any disease, and so mental discipline and adherence to moral values are considered a prerequisite for health. Hence, the ethical basis of life is considered to be a vital health support system.

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