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Updated 8th August 2023

As of 8th August 2023, there are no COVID-19 travel restrictions in Thailand. If the situation changes, the article will be updated as necessary.

Healthcare in Thailand is of a great standard, particularly in large cities such as Bangkok[1]. Many private hospitals offer both comprehensive medical treatment alongside resort-style holidays for foreigners, making it an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism.

Medication and Treatments Are Cheaper

The biggest attraction for healthcare in Thailand is that both treatments and prescription drugs are cheaper than in Western countries. Many healthcare practitioners and pharmacists can also speak English, being very accustomed to foreigners receiving healthcare there.

Some of the most cost-effective procedures that people travel to Thailand for are cosmetic surgery, eye surgery and dental care. One can also easily identify a pharmacy with a white sign that contains a green cross and lettering on it. Independent pharmacies are often cheaper than buying from a pharmacy inside a hospital.

Thailand is Full of Top Specialists

Interestingly unlike many medical tourism destinations around the globe, it is by far easier to arrange to see a specialist in Thailand than it is to see a general practitioner[2]. This makes it more attractive to those who are seeking budget-friendly surgeries or world-class treatment for specific disorders.

Private Hospitals Are the Better Option

While public hospitals are generally cheaper than private hospitals when considering healthcare in Thailand, the private ones are still the better option. Public hospitals tend to have long waiting lists and occasionally are lacking the latest medical infrastructure and equipment. If you still wish to go to a public hospital, make sure it is one in a large city center like Bangkok, which will increase the likelihood of receiving better medical care. Rural areas are usually lacking in quality, staff and medical facilities.

Emergency Insurance Helps

Thailand does not often use ambulances during an emergency, especially in big cities where the healthcare is better. This is because traffic is an issue and as a result, public organizations volunteer to take people to hospitals when there is an emergency. It is a good idea to invest in some insurance in the event of an emergency like this, as you may need to pay for an unexpected taxi fee or medical procedure whilst there that wasn’t in your budget.

Hazards to Be Aware Of

While healthcare in Thailand is of excellent standards, there are a few health hazards to be aware of while you visit.

The tropical climate makes Thailand ideal for the spread of mosquitoes, as well as the viruses and bacteria that they often harbor. These include:

  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Dengue Fever
  • Malaria

When traveling for healthcare in Thailand, it is important to bring mosquito repellants and take precautions not to get bitten. If you show any signs of coming down with a flu, cold or fever, seek the attention of a doctor immediately.

The other health hazard to be aware of is the quality of the water. There is a high risk of contracting water borne diseases such as Cholera and Leptospirosis in Thailand and therefore you should only drink bottled or pristine filtered water. If you are visiting an area that experiences flooding, take extra precautions to avoid getting ill.

Thai Travel Requirements

Visa: A visa is mandatory for entering Thailand, unless one is eligible and applies for the visa exemption program. There are many types of visa that one can apply for, including those for tourists, business officials, family of Thai citizens, those intending to stay for 5-20 years and more. It’s best to consult with your local Thai consulate if uncertain of which visa applies to you.

Foreigners from 64 countries may be eligible for the visa exemption program, if planning to visit purely for tourism purposes. Visa exemption qualifications demand that each applicant has a valid passport, only intends to stay up to 30 days, has proof of funds of at least 10 000 TBH (±USD$297) for their stay, and has a return ticket allowing them to leave within the time allocated. The length of stay may differ for some of the eligible countries.

Healthcare Providers in Thailand

TRIA Medical Wellness Center

TRIA Medical Wellness Center is located in Bangkok, Thailand in an urban spa retreat environment. It is also one of the world’s leading Integrative Medicine facilities.

Piyavate Hospital

Piyavate Hospital, the internationally renowned private hospital in Bangkok, Thailand provides a comprehensive list of the highest standards of healthcare. 

Thanyapura Integrative Health & Wellness Centre

Located in Thailand, Thanyapura Integrative Health & Wellness Centre is home to the finest sports facilities, integrative health centre, mindful services and expert coaching, plus much more.

Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok hospital is one of the best medical care centers in Bangkok. The hospital has experienced specialists doctors including dermatologists, orthopedic doctors, Hair Transplant Doctors, and many more.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International is a multi-specialty hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. The hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities providing some of the best medical care in Bangkok.

Apex Medical Center Phuket

APEX Medical Center is a private elite center providing the best treatments for anti-aging and wellness treatments, plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental treatments and hair restoration. 

For healthcare in Thailand, please visit Mya Care for a range of hospitals and doctors across all specialities.


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