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QUIRONSALUD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MADRID - Calle Diego de Velázquez, 1, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Hospital Staff

  • 13 Operating rooms
  • 108 Local consultations
  • 241 beds
  • High technology: 
    • 3 TAC
    • 3 Magnetic resonance
    • 1 Pet TC
    • 2 Lineal acelerator
    • 1 Robotic surgery 
  • Emergencies:
    • Traumatological emergencies
    • Gynecological and Obstetric emergencies
    • Pediatric emergency
    • General surgery emergencies

Patient rights

  1. Patients shall have the right to health care that is proportionate to their illness and to the capacity of the health center. Patients shall not be subjected to discrimination based on age, sex, ideology, religion, or socioeconomic status.
  2. Patients shall also be respected as concerns their personality, human dignity, and privacy, irregardless of their beliefs or creed.
  3. Patients shall at all times have a right to information on their state and to receive comprehensible information on diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and progression of the disease and to learn about the different therapy options as well as the risk that each option may involve.
  4. Patients shall have the right to know the name and professional rank of the individuals charged with providing their care as well as to meet the person or persons to whom they may address their questions or file complaints on matters not restricted to those of a medical kind.
  5. Patients shall also have the right to confidentiality over all information related to their illness as well as information concerning their stay in the clinic.
  6. Patients shall have the right to not be included in educational projects when they do not give their prior written consent to do so; any such projects shall under no circumstances subject them to additional risks considering the state of their health.
  7. Patients shall be free to decide from among the options presented by the attending physician assigned to their case, with the exception of the following circumstances:
    • When the patient is unable to make such a decision, in which case a family member or other individual close to them shall do so.
    • When the urgency of the case does not allow for delays potentially resulting in irreversible injury or that may bring about a life-threatening situation for the patient.
    • When failure to intervene poses a risk to public health.
    • When legal imperative determines otherwise.
  8. Patients shall have the right to receive documented information throughout the entire process of their illness, to receive a discharge report once their stay in the health center has concluded, as well as to make suggestions and file any and all complaints they may consider appropriate with respect to the operational aspects of the health center, presenting such suggestions or complaints to the hospital's admissions staff.

Patient responsibilities

  1. Patients shall respect the rules and regulations of the health center, cooperating in operational matters, exercising appropriate care with the facilities, and treating both staff and other users of the health center's services with respect.
  2. At the time of admission, patients shall provide the information on their next of kin so that this individual may be contacted should the need arise, and also provide information on the entity responsible for payment of the expenses incurred during the patient's stay.
  3. Patients shall use the appropriate channels and procedures established to file complaints.
  4. In the event the patient exits the health center by their own accord, they must first sign a voluntary discharge document that waives the health center of all liability.
  5. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all parts of the health center. It is important to keep in mind that smoking is seriously harmful for one's health.
  6. Once patients have had the opportunity to clarify any relevant doubts, they must sign the consent form established for the process they are to undergo; should the patient refuse the treatment proposed, they must sign the document indicating such a decision.

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