Dr. Shubhra Goel 03 Mar 2022

Dark circles and under-eye bags are two of the most common conditions that impact Indians seeking aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. On International Women’s Day and with its theme of #breakthebias, we would like to take this opportunity to bust some common misconceptions about these two conditions. 

Dark circles and Eyebags are not the same. Eye bags are due to the prominence of the fat pads which pooch out from behind the eye. Dark circles are due to multiple factors like- skin pigmentation, increased blood congestion around the skin, bony deformities, inherent deep troughs along the lower lid leading to the shadow effect. Each one must be approached differently. Depending on the grade of eye bags and dark circles various surgical and non-surgical treatment options are recommended. One size doesn’t fit all and its critical for everyone to understand the uniqueness of their own condition to get fast, realistic, and long-lasting results.

Breaking the bias on Dark Circles:

Myth #1: Getting 8 hours of sleep every day will remove my dark circles.

Truth: Most of us think that getting enough sleep is all we need to do to remove our dark circles. While sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and can reduce signs of dark circles, it is by no means the answer. The fact is that dark circles can be hereditary or due to changes in the bony structure around the eye, ageing of the eyelid skin, skin pigmentation and swollen blood vessels. 

Myth #2: Home remedies and fairness creams are the solutions for dark circles. 

Truth: Home remedies and creams may hide the appearance of dark circles, but these are short-term and temporary solutions. To get rid of your dark circles scientifically and permanently, you need to understand the real reason for your dark circles, which can be different based on your age, occupation, and lifestyle. 

Myth #3: Lasers can effectively remove my dark circles.

Truth: While lasers can be used to correct the pigmentation of the skin and ageing, they do not treat the changes in the bony structure around the eye, which is the main reason for most cases of dark circles. 

Myth #4: Getting More Sunlight will remove my dark circles.

Truth: Exposing the skin to the sun will make the skin around your eye weaker and increase the fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation due to sun damage making your dark circles look worse. 

Myth 5: You only get dark circles as you grow old.

Truth: The skin around your eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate in the body. Even young people in their twenties can get dark circles. Ageing is only one of the reasons. Your occupation, lifestyle, diet, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and allergies play a significant role. Also, dark circles can be hereditary due to underlying health conditions. 

Breaking the Bias on Eye bags:

Myth 1: Eye bags are caused by lack of sleep.

Fact: Eye bags are not caused by lack of sleep. They are due to the collection of fat or water around the eye and increased skin looseness. These are mainly due to hereditary reasons or part of the normal ageing process. In addition, habits like excessive intake of alcohol and smoking and diseases impacting normal functioning of the thyroid gland, hypertension, kidney disorders, constant allergies can lead to the appearance of eye bags at a young age. 

Myth 2: Applying tea bags or cucumber slices will remove my eyebags.

Fact: While common home remedies like tea bags, cucumber slices, coffee powder, aloe vera gel can help give temporary relief to the water collection due to inflammation, they will not treat eye bags. Eye bags are not a skin condition; they are treated with medical procedures like dermal fillers or eye bag surgery. 

Myth 3: Eyelid surgery will leave a big scar.

Fact: The scarring from eyelid surgery is minimal. The natural skin line creases are used to make the incisions - hidden in the natural fold in upper eyelid surgery and blended along the relaxing line (the natural folds along the lower eyelashes) in lower eyelids. In some instances, this surgery can also be done from inside the eyelid (conjunctiva), leaving no scars.

Myth 4: Eye-bag surgery will lead to loss of vision.

Fact: Eye bag surgeries are entirely safe when done under the supervision of a trained oculofacial plastic surgeon. 

Myth 5: Treatment for Baggy/Puffy eyelids will change the way I look and the way I blink/close my eyes.

Fact: No, when done by a trained oculofacial plastic surgeon, eyelid surgeries are done so that they don't change the shape or functioning of the eye. 

About the Author:

Co-founded by Dr Shubhra Goel, a prominent, multiple award-winning, dually certified oculoplastic surgeon with decades of experience worldwide and her sister Prerna Goel, a UK based industry-leading entrepreneur, Clinica Fai is a super-specialist medical clinic that provides eye and face corrective treatments with particular focus on correction of dark circles, baggy/puffy eyelids & previous treatments gone wrong. Dr Shubhra Goel has been trained under celebrity oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr Cynthia Boxrud from LA and superstar dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi from Beverly Hills. 

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