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Learn the changes your body goes through and why you need to track them via health assessment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC recommends a general health check-up regularly. A general health check-up is the best way to identify possible physical problems early before they progress into a more serious condition. As inconvenient as it may be to make the appointment and take the time to see a doctor for an annual physical, it can save you time, money and future problems if you do it.

Early detection provides your healthcare professional with the information they need to treat your condition and to provide health care services that can prevent disease progression. Specifically, cardiovascular disease and cancer require the earliest detection possible to reap the best results from treatment at the earliest stages. By being proactive about your health and getting the treatments and screenings you need, your chances of living a long, quality life are higher.

Importance of concierge health

In response to an overburdened medical community, concierge services are offered to fill in the gap. There are several different versions available offering everything from travel medical assistance to a comprehensive premier package that offers total health care services. In-between options include private health consults with services such as customized physical exams, easy availability to a second opinion, and access to personal medical records via a secure database. In some cases, patients benefit from an on-call healthcare professional who is essentially on retainer with the promise to reply promptly to answer any medical questions.

Additional components available through the most comprehensive concierge packages are telediagnosis for both routine problems and in emergency situations. This type of immediate emergency care is credited with saving many lives.

Why go for an executive health checkup

An executive medical checkup is a customized assessment designed to identify risk factors as early as possible, preferably before they become a serious health issue or threaten to become a chronic condition that will seriously impact your quality of life. The exam includes multiple tests and procedures for this purpose. This type of comprehensive checkup focuses on identifying medical issues and lifestyle factors that can be modified to prevent future problems.

With a focus on prevention, this type of exam goes well beyond typical exams. Professionals make personal recommendations about lifestyle changes that should be made. Waiting times are minimal. A friendly team of specialists review your medical history and consult with you, listening to any concerns you have and answering your questions. Rooms are generally equipped with Wi-Fi and cable TV to make the experience more relaxing and workable.

What your assessment should include

There are some basic tests and exams that are typical for a thorough physical checkup. A comprehensive checkup should include a review of your personal history with your physician. WebMD claims that it is important to discuss lifestyle behaviors such as diet, alcohol and tobacco use and sexual health. Vital signs should be checked to monitor your blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate, and heart rate.

A comprehensive heart exam should also be part of the exam. There are also special tests that should be completed for males and females that are specific to their gender. In addition to your heart checkup, a lung exam, head, and neck exam, and abdominal checkup should be expected. Blood work is also recommended. Finally, it is customary to also conduct a neurological and dermatological exam to complete a full exam of your entire body.

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