ENTO Medical Center 10 Dec 2018

Blepharoplasty is the operation in order to correct the bagging that occur as droopy eyelids, gathering of excess fat above and below eyelids, bags under eyes as a result of the weakened supportive muscles in the lower eyelids and forward movement of the underlying fatty tissue caused by age, gravity, genetic factors, working and environmental conditions.

Besides the cosmetic issues, this situation might also cause other problems like the reduction in field of vision and the interruption of continuity in cases that require long-time eye coordination.  

Blepharoplasty is an operation during which the fatty tissue that causes sagging skin, muscle and bagging are removed from the upper and lower eyelid or both. While it maintains a more vibrant and youthful look in the eye area, it also provides functional benefits with the expansion in the field of vision and reconstruction of loose lid structures. It also prevents the headaches and forehead wrinkles that occur as a result of over-working forehead muscles while trying to sustain adequately open eyelids.

This operation can be applied to any healthy individual who has a convenient general health status, who does not use any medicine (such as aspirin) that effects the blood coagulation time, who does not have any restrictive conditions that prevents from receiving local anesthesia and who does not have any serious eye problems.   

Operation is conducted under local anesthesia supported by sedation if necessary, in operating room conditions and under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. Incisions are made in perfect alignment with the anatomy of the eyelids by following the natural folds. Even though the marks can be visible right after the operation, they fade and become invisible in time. The eyelid is the area of the body at which the skin recovers with least trace of marks. The operation does not require any nights of stay at the clinic. In the early periods after the operation, dryness in the eyes, feel of burning, blurry vision and sensitivity to light might occur. Also, in the first few days, it is possible not be able to close the eyelids completely. With the suitable treatment, these results are eases and then disappears completely. The possible bruises in the area also disappears in one or two weeks. Swelling are mostly dissolved however it takes some time until they totally disappear. It takes one or two months to observe the total results of the operation. 

Loose and sagged upper and lower lids, field of vision problems, upper and lower lid bags, deep wrinkles in the lower eye lids are corrected with this operation. It is a safe operation that gives solid results and has a very low revision rate. Even though genetical and environmental factors, age, smoking habits and UV continues to affect the new eyelids, the results of the operation are mostly long-term results. 

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