Clinica Fai 11 May 2022

Ageing is an inevitable process. While we cannot stop ageing, we can understand how it affects our face and take small steps to delay and slow it down to allow a more graceful process. In this article our expert Dr Shubhra Goel, shares what structural changes happen on our face and around the eyes as we age.

In our teens and 20s:

There are not many significant structural changes in the eyes and face during this stage. If born with a birth defect such as a droopy eyelid or pre-existing tear-trough deformity, surgery may be explored depending on the age and severity. 

In our 30s:

This is the stage when actual ageing starts. We may see initial signs of asymmetrical and droopy brows, baggy lids and fat pads under the eyes. We see a flattening of the cheeks. Our Ogee curve (double S-shaped curvature along the cheeks that gives the face contour and dimension) flattens and converts from convex to concave. Nasal labial folds (the indentation lines on either side of the mouth extending from the nose's edge to the mouth's outer corners) deepen. These changes make our faces look less youthful. 

And in general, our face starts to look heavier. 

In the 40s and 50s:

In the 40s and 50s, we start seeing the majority of the changes such as:

  • forehead starts drooping, which can lead to droopy brows, unequal brows or asymmetrical brows
  • scanty brows and lashes,
  • extra skin on the upper lids or baggy lids, 
  • increase in pre-existing ptosis or appearance of age-related ptosis, 
  • watering of eyes/dry eyes, 
  • lid deformities like lid in-turning and out-turning 
  • deepening of tear-trough with eyebags which could be moderate or a severe degree 
  • further flattening of the Ogee curve
  • deeper nasal labial folds

And finally, we see an emergence of lower face changes. 

  • our face becomes more square. 
  • masseters become thick or bigger
  • the chin becomes shorter and stouter
  • lips become thinner 
  • sometimes there is the appearance of jowls (a bulge next to the chin)

In our 60s and beyond:

And in the 60s, we see an exacerbation of all that started in our 40s and 50s. 

Several structural changes can be softened to allow one to age more gracefully and slowly. Want to know how to get these treated? Contact Dr Shubhra Goel at Clinica Fai.

Co-founded by Dr Shubhra Goel, a prominent, multiple award-winning, dually certified oculoplastic surgeon with decades of experience worldwide, Clinica Fai ( is a super-specialist medical clinic that provides eye and face corrective treatments with particular focus on correction of dark circles, baggy/puffy eyelids & previous treatments gone wrong. Dr Shubhra Goel has been trained under celebrity oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr Cynthia Boxrud from LA and superstar dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi from Beverly Hills.

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