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When injuries get to a point that they may require surgical intervention, the help you will need will extend beyond your doctor but also to your physical therapist.

Before surgery, you may be advised to do prehab exercises. Your physical therapist will explain why you need Prehab before your surgery and how it can help you.

Prehab is essentially a rehabilitation before surgery rather than after. It differs from rehab because it aims to help you prepare your body for surgery.

Keep reading to better understand the concept and benefits of prehabilitation.

Understanding Prehab

Prehab is the physical therapy you need before surgery. The goal of any prehab program is to help prevent any future injuries or physical issues after surgery.

Prehab routines are customized for the patient and what their body will need. The exercises during Prehab will aim to improve overall mobility and strength in the patient's body.

The physiotherapist will chalk out a method or routine for the patient to help prevent injuries post-surgery by giving them exercises that allow their muscles to move correctly. These exercises also aim to help the patient gain muscle strength in vulnerable areas before surgery. The therapist will focus on areas of the body that are prone to injury like the ankles, hips, shoulders, and knees. Of course, it can differ from person to person, depending on their specific physical needs.

Staying active before surgery can significantly improve recovery from surgery than for someone who has been inactive- they will have a higher risk of feeling weak post-surgery and lack of muscle mobility.

How does Prehab work?

Exercising even lightly up to six weeks before surgery has been proven to increase your chances of speedy recovery post-surgery. Your physical therapist will make sure the exercises will help your body's more vulnerable areas heal quickly. If you are an athlete with injuries on one part of your body, this area will get special attention before surgery.

If you are waiting on surgery for hip or knee replacement, the physical therapists will guide you on exercises and techniques to gain strength before surgery.

The goal of Prehab is to make you stronger so that after surgery, you have to recover quickly and get back to a healthy life sooner than if you had no prehab.

Prehab is here to help you be your best before surgery so you can become healthier and fitter post-surgery. Because of this, Prehab for patients with injuries is invaluable.

Many patients have seen the benefits of Prehab, from athletes to those needing joint replacements.

What You Can Do

After your surgery, you may find that because of prehab, recovery time is quicker. Perhaps you might be up walking on crutches after surgery within a day, going to the bathroom, and able to do other activities rather quickly than if you have never gone through prehabilitation.

With Prehab, you should be able to reach your physical goals post-surgery very quickly. Continue to follow the directions of your doctor and physiotherapist post-surgery.

Choosing A Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are essential before and after your surgery. Be sure to find the best physiotherapist in India. You can visit Mya Care for more information on finding the right help you need.



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