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Physiotherapy (also known as Physical Therapy) is the use of movement, muscle manipulation, and other techniques to relieve different medical conditions. It is utilized to treat deformities, diseases, or injuries. Physiotherapy is a real medical treatment program that works for numerous conditions.

The Effectiveness Of Physiotherapy

Research shows that physiotherapy can be a great alternative to surgery or medication. The medical profession is now encouraging patients to use this type of treatment to avoid overusing medications. For pain concerns, medication only manages pain. Physiotherapy can relieve pain long-term.

Types of Therapies

There are many specialties in physiotherapy care that treat different needs. Some are not related to the injury.

  • Musculoskeletal: Orthopaedic physiotherapy is used to restore function to the muscles and skeleton of the patient. The focus is to reduce pain, increase mobility, treat soft tissue damage, and correct skeletal alignment concerns.
  • Geriatric: This type of physiotherapy focuses on countering the effects of ageing. It is used to help older people keep their mobility, balance, and physical health as long as possible.
  • Pediatric This specialty works with infants through teenagers that suffer from birth defects, disabilities, and other ailments. The focus is to bring the child up to their developmental level as best possible.
  • Sports: Physiotherapists work with all types of athletes to maintain their physical health and recover from sport-related injuries.
  • Women’s Health: Works with relieving swelling and pain women suffer during pregnancy.
  • Pain Management: The goal is to help patients recover from surgical procedures, or manage chronic pain.
  • Cardiorespiratory: Using techniques to increase heart, chest or lung function can be achieved through the proper techniques.
  • Neurological: Neurological issues like stroke, spinal cord damage, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders can be treated through physiotherapy treatment.

Common Physiotherapy Misconceptions

Physiotherapy has many misconceptions that deter patients from seeking this kind of care. Always consult a medical professional to learn the truth about the benefits of physical therapy.

I need my doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist

Unless your medical insurance requires it, physiotherapists are trained to identify and triage  specific conditions. The initial visitation will go through a detailed medical history and assessment to create a plan of treatment.

Physiotherapy can be painful

The point of physiotherapy is to relieve pain and increase mobility. The therapist will assess your abilities and create a regimen that works with your pain threshold and range of motion.

Physiotherapy is only for injuries and accidents.

Physiotherapy is used more often for those who suffer from chronic, genetic, or age-based concerns rather than injury or accident.

Physiotherapy is a diploma-based field that takes less than a year to complete.

Physiotherapists study for four years and have at least a six-month internship. Their anatomical and medical training allows them to properly diagnose and treat pain and movement disorders.

Physiotherapy is expensive.

Many hospitals, insurance carriers, and doctors recommend physical therapy due to its effectiveness and lower cost. Insurance co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs can be more affordable than surgery or medication.

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